Gum disease 07107

Gum Disease 07107

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What is gum disease in 07107

Gum disease is the irritation, inflammation, and infection of your gum tissue that results from the effects of dental plaque and tartar. Ordinarily, it progresses slowly, but due to certain factors, including underlying conditions or other diseases, the advancement of it can become much quicker and put you at risk for loss of gum and bone tissue and even lost teeth. At Allstate Dental LLC, you can depend on expert care in the prevention of gum disease, and in the treatment of it when it does occur.

It is simple to say that there are two basic stages of gum disease 07107: gingivitis, early; and periodontitis, later. And while that is true, it’s more complicated than that. Gingivitis is typically associated with mild irritation and redness. It’s not ideal, but neither is it a serious threat to your oral wellness. The effects of it can usually be reversed with a dental cleaning at your twice-yearly oral examination visit. In stubborn cases, a second cleaning might be needed for the best results. Periodontitis is the later stage, and the symptoms of it are more concerning. Among them are bleeding while brushing your teeth, receding gums, and consistent halitosis (bad breath). Inflammation and infection are common. Chronic periodontitis develops moderately, but aggressive periodontitis, as the name indicates, often moves at an accelerated pace. There is also a form of gum disease 07107 called necrotizing periodontal disease, which may result in dead gum tissue. In all cases where your gums need attention, you can depend on our dentist to evaluate the situation, and then recommend and implement the most appropriate form of treatment.

Gum disease 07107 does not have to cause you problems. You can restore your gum health or keep your existing state of periodontal well-being by contacting our office right now and setting up an appointment to come in for an examination.

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