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Treating toothaches in East Orange

When you have an urgent matter, you can’t afford to wait until there is an available appointment in a few days or next week, can you? Here at AllState Dental LLC, our East Orange emergency dentist will make sure you are seen right away. There’s a lot on the line, and delaying treatment can lead to serious consequences, including unnecessary tooth loss.

Treating toothaches in East Orange

Your toothache might start out fairly mild. Perhaps there are just intermittent twinges, such as when the air hits your tooth. Don’t be misled into thinking that you are not dealing with a circumstance that needs immediate attention. For one thing, the pain can become much worse, and without any warning. It starts out as irritation of your nerve, but infection can ultimately take place in the pulp, which is right next to the nerve. And so what had started out as a simple matter of putting in a filling to address a cavity, replacing a loose or lost filling, or fitting you with a dental crown to cover up a crack or chip, then turns into a matter for our East Orange emergency dentist to perform root canal therapy. The good news is that this procedure has been made much more comfortable and you don’t have to be nervous about it. And yet, it would be far better to avoid it. With root canal, you will lose the nerve and pulp, although the tooth structure will remain and be supplemented with a dental crown for the long term. The worst case for the tooth is that it will need to be extracted, though if the infection in your tooth travels to your gum and bone tissue, additional problems can ensue.

Call our office as soon as you notice a toothache. Our East Orange emergency dentist will make sure you get the expert attention you need to produce the best possible outcome.