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Dentist Near Newark New Jersey

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Teeth Bleaching Near Newark New Jersey

Dentist Near Newark New Jersey
Dentist Near Newark New Jersey

If you would like to have whiter teeth, why not have it done quickly, effectively, and safely by our dentist near Newark New Jersey? We at Allstate Dental LLC are pleased to offer both an in-office option as well as a take home one. So regardless of your preferences, a brighter and more brilliant smile is in your near future.

In our office, we provide ZOOM!, which is the revolutionary teeth bleaching method that has been successful for well over 10 million people and counting. If your teeth are stained, discolored, yellow, or even brown, you can still join the ranks of those who have seen outstanding results. ZOOM! done by our dentist near Newark New Jersey has been clinically proven to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades, all in the span of less than an hour, and with reduced sensitivity (a concern for many teeth bleaching methods). But we understand that not everyone has the same preferences. You can have our dentist near Newark New Jersey take impressions so that custom-made whitening trays can be created for you. They’re worn at home, for about two to three hours each night, for up to two to three weeks. It’s simple and you can do it while you go about your other business. For more severe cases of tooth discoloration, you might be directed to wear the tray overnight instead. The outcome of teeth bleaching, whether you do it at home or in our office, will last for one to as many as several years, depending on how well you maintain. You’ll be proud to show off your smile.

Don’t settle for teeth that are not the color you want. Our teeth bleaching won’t harm your tooth enamel (as can occur with store-bought products). So feel confident. Call our office and make an appointment to come in.

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